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Guillaume Piskorski

After acquiring his state diploma in dental surgery at the faculty of Lille, he immediately began a career as a university teacher.


In order to offer the best care, he developed his practice through private training and university degrees.

Trained at the cutting edge of scientific and technical knowledge, he believes in a dentistry that respects nature.


Dr.Piskorski is nowadays working as a liberal aesthetic dentist and a private teacher and lecturer.

- Former Head of Clinic & University, Lille, FRANCE

- Master in Biomaterials

- University diploma in aesthetics, Strasbourg, FRANCE

- Private training

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Replacement of old restorations

Clinical cases

M y   p h i l o s o p h y   :     

O r g a n i c     d e n t i s t r y

Today we can restore a decayed tooth without devitalizing it. Let's preserve our teeth as long as possible.

New minimally invasive therapies promote natural repair. Nature do it best, so I believe we have to imitate it and restore the tooth in order to give it back it's natural strength.

This biological dentistry imitate the living and we call it B i o m i m é t i s m.

 A e s t h e t i c   a n d   D i g i t a l      d e n t i s t r y

Digital is an essential tool to draw a smile and explain a procedure.

Thanks to severals softwares, we are able to visualize the result before any intervention. 


Innovative biomaterials such as ceramics, combined with current bonding techniques, make it possible to replace the enamel that is used during life. Cavities, acid attacks or even traumatic brushing damage the enamel which cannot be repaired.


The fineness of the bonded ceramic veneers up to 0.1 mm, allows us to repair this enamel in order to extend the life of your teeth.

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